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Replace missing teeth & restore your smile!

Missing Your teeth?

Dentures may be a treatment option for you. At 4th Street Family Dentistry, we offer full or partial dentures. Contact 4th Street Family Dentistry today for a free consultation with Dr. Leeson!

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures is one of the most popular ways to restore your smile, whether you’re missing a few or all of your teeth. Dentures can not only boost your confidence, but also improve your quality of life. Every day actions like chewing your food can be a challenge. At 4th Street Family Dentistry, we understand how frustrating that can be. Visit our dental office on 4th street for a dentures consultation. 

what type of dentures are there?

Dentures are a great solution to replacing missing teeth. If you are missing all of your teeth, Dr. Leeson will recommend complete dentures. When replacing some but not all teeth, partial dentures may be recommended as a solution.  For more information on dentures, contact 4th Street Family Dentistry.

How do i take care of my dentures?

To ensure the longevity of your solutions, you’ll need to take good care of them. Be sure to brush and rinse your dentures daily so that any food and plaque are removed. Instead of using toothpaste, use a nonabrasive cleanser. When you’re not using them, soak them in water or a solution. If you have questions, ask your St. Pete dentist, Dr. Leeson. 

Does getting dentures hurt?

Dr. Leeson says that it’s normal to feel some discomfort the first few weeks after getting your dentures. The removal of many teeth at one time is quite different than the extraction of 1 or 2 teeth. Because the bone must be shaped and smoothed prior to the insertion of a denture. You may notice some swelling, minor bleeding, discoloration around the eyes, and a sore throat. Follow the post-op instructions recommended by your St. Pete dentist below.

$89 Emergency exam & x-ray

Patient Feedback

It is hard to believe going to the dentist can be an enjoyable experience. The office was clean and vey modern. Everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. And the best part, it was the first pain free cleaning I have ever had. Usually my gums are sore for about an hour after my cleaning, but I walked out of the office without any pain, even though it had been 2 yrs since my last cleaning. You should definitely give them a try.
My first time at this particular Dentist office and I was pleasantly surprise with everything....As soon as I walked in I felt welcome by the office staff...Was given a tour by the Dental Assistant...Which made me feel comfortable and at ease. The Dentist and Dental Assistant was very compassionate and answered all of my questions...I will definitely come again and recommend it to all of my family and friends.
Dr. Lesson and his staff are a refreshing change from the chain dental groups; friendly and talented without the feeling that they are trying to sell you more than you need done. I would highly recommended Dr. Leeson!