Tooth pain?
We can help!

We know how debilitating extreme tooth pain can be. If you have broken, cracked or missing teeth that need some love, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with us! 


At 4th Street Family Dentistry, we make time in our schedule to help patients who are having dental emergencies. If you’re in severe pain or think you may be experiencing a dental emergency, contact our office immediately and we’ll try to get you in ASAP. 


Severe Tooth pain

If you have severe tooth decay or a fractured tooth, you may need a dental crown. Dental crowns act as a cap to protect your teeth. With a dental crown, you’ll be able to chew effectively without causing more damage. Dental crowns can also enhance your smile by straightening the teeth and hiding any discolorations you may have. If you think dental crowns might be for you, contact our office to schedule a dental crown consultation.

Broken crown

With the right care and maintenance, dental crowns can last up to fifteen years. However, sometimes dental crowns can crack, become loose or even fall off. Usually a broken dental crown is not a dental emergency, but if you’re experiencing pain, contact our office immediately. Otherwise, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian Leeson to have your dental crown fixed. 


If you have severe tooth decay or a tooth infection, you’ll likely need a tooth extraction. At 4th Street Family Dentistry, we offer simple or surgical extractions. If you think you may need a tooth extraction immediately, contact 4th Street Family Dentistry and let us know you’re having a dental emergency

Root canals

At 4th Street Family Dentistry, our motto is comfort and integrity – nothing less. We realize that root canals can seem scary at first, but there’s no reason to worry. Our team is well trained in root canals. During your root canal procedure, we’ll repair and save your tooth by gently removing the root of your tooth and filling it with a special filling. If you have severe deep decay, cracks, and trauma you will need to treat this right away before an infection occurs. Contact 4th Street Family Dentistry today for a root canal consultation. 

tooth pain becoming unbearable?