What Our Dental Hygienist Wants You To Know?

What Our Dental Hygienist Wants You To Know?

What Our Dental Hygienist Wants You To Know?

There are a few things that your dentist and dental hygienist in St. Petersburg FL want you to know. You’re undoubtedly aware that you should brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Is there anything more your dentist and dental hygienist want you to know about keeping your teeth healthy? So here are some things to answer the question of what our dental Hygienist Wants You To Know?

There Are A Few Things That Your Dentist And Dental Hygienist Want You To Know

Today, the best dentist in St. Petersburg is going to talk about four things that will help you feel confident in your smile while also nailing your six-month checks. These items can also help you avoid dental crises such as tooth discomfort caused by cavities and decay.

Replace Your Toothbrush Every Three Months And Whenever You Become Sick

When was the last time you got a new toothbrush? It’s probably time to do so if you’re having problems remembering. In fact, the CDC recommends changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months. We also urge that you change it if you become ill. The truth is that a toothbrush with worn bristles not only damages your gum line and harbors icky germs, but it also cannot clean your teeth as well as a brush with new bristles. This may result in poor breath and an increased risk of gingivitis or re-infection as a result of being unwell.

Brush And Floss Your Teeth Thoroughly Before Going To The Dentist

Our friends over at OG Dental the best dentist in Denver CO answer the recurring question, Is there a legitimate reason to clean and floss your teeth before your dental visit (other than to show your dentist that you value oral health)? Our response may surprise you. Yes, brushing and flossing your teeth before a dental checkup is always a good idea.

Consider driving your vehicle along a particularly muddy road. The staff at a car wash will most likely rinse your car before starting the automated wash. Brushing your teeth before going to the dentist will help eliminate surface plaque. This can lessen irritation when your hygienist cleans your teeth and help you spend less time in the chair.

Energy And Sports Drinks Are More Harmful Than Soda

You’re undoubtedly aware that excessively sweetened beverages might cause tooth decay. But did you realize that drinking excessively acidic beverages might harm your teeth? That’s correct. Taurine, caffeine, guarana, and, of course, tons of sugar are all typical constituents in popular energy drinks. These components, together with excessive sugar levels, produce an unfavorable environment for your dental health. These high acid levels can damage your enamel over time, making your teeth more vulnerable to dental decay and cavities.

It Is Ok To Swallow Your Spit During Teeth Cleanings (But Try Not To)

Swallowing may be both an active and passive response. Many people find it difficult to resist the impulse to swallow while having their teeth cleaned. That’s OK. It does happen. St Peterburg FL Dentists and dental hygienists, on the other hand, utilize suction tools for a purpose. When you have your teeth cleaned, more than likely, spit accumulates at the back of your mouth. Extra water and scaler may be used by the hygienist to assist clean your teeth. Debris, tartar, and, in certain circumstances, blood from sensitive gums can also be present. Yuck! While all of this is perfectly safe to swallow, we utilize the suction tool, so you don’t have to.

Tell the hygienist if you find yourself resisting the impulse to swallow during your next tooth cleaning! They will enjoy the dialogue and the chance to make you feel more at ease. They may even let you hold the suction instrument in certain circumstances!

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